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Volleyball Classes for kids in Dubai

Do you want to start a new, social sport, but aren’t sure where to go? Maybe you’ve heard about volleyball classes in Dubai, but need some motivation to kick-start your journey.

Esperia Volleyball Academy with its volleyball classes has created a social volleyball group, providing great times and exciting court action for hundreds of volleyball players of all ages! Esperia volleyball classes in Dubai start from 6 years old to 99+, and all skill levels are welcome.

How Are Our Classes Organized?

Players are broken up by age group, grade and skill level. Classes are typically 1/1.5 hour sessions starting from the afternoons, Sunday through Friday.

During our classes, we work on all aspects of the game, from setting and passing, to serving and hitting.

We always start the class with a good warm-up followed by challenging exercises to build up stamina, a fundamental skill to have and use as an ace during the games.

Children (6 to 17 years old) learn skills like serving, spiking, bumping and volleying through skill-focused play in a supportive, non-competitive setting.

Our classes are led by experienced coaches who have played, or still play, for famous and international volleyball leagues. Their training is focused on leveling up the skills of each and every player, enabling them to advance to a higher level quickly. This approach allows them to enjoy the games more, experiencing the thrill of flying through the air, defying gravity, and unleashing a perfect spike!

Engaging in volleyball training is an intense exercise that requires the use of all muscle groups. Just one hour of training equals a full body workout for kids and adults, who will feel the difference after sitting all day in school or at a desk in the office. The positive effects of volleyball training are immediately noticeable, ranging from improved mood to a heightened sense of physical well-being.

Where Are The Volleyball Classes?

Our indoor volleyball lessons are conducted at top-quality gyms in Dubai's hottest neighborhoods: Sunmarke, DIA Emirates Hills, and Barsha, as well as the Collegiate International School in Jumeirah. These schools were carefully chosen by the academy to cover different areas in Dubai, making it easier for parents to choose a convenient location based on where their family lives.

Whether you want to play indoors in air-conditioning or outdoors in the sun while getting some fresh air at the beach, we have just the perfect locations for you! In fact, Esperia offers beach volleyball classes for kids and adults at Kite Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Dubai!

What’s Great About Esperia?

We offer a FREE TRIAL volleyball and beach volleyball class to whoever wants to try this sport and get to practice without any obstacles for the first time!

So what are you waiting for? Volleyball classes in Dubai with Esperia have never been more competitive and attractive!

Check out our kids’ classes or adult classes to learn more.

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