Esperia Volleyball Academy –

Providing dedicated training of volleyball for kids

Looking to get your child enrolled in kids’ activities in Dubai? Wish to help your kid pick a new sport? No matter your needs, the one thing that you can be assured of is that we’ve got you covered at Esperia Volleyball Academy!

Get your child involved in fun activities for kids!

With world-class training centers established across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jeddah, we at Esperia Volleyball Academy have opened our doors to individuals of all ages, including kids. Dedicated to providing fun outdoor kid’s activities, we are here to assist your child to transform into the next Charles Kiraly with professional training. Our kids training programs are headed by international coaches renowned for their outstanding knowledge and extensive experience in both indoor and outdoor volleyball.


Our coaches encourage the young participants to actually grab a ball and try their luck at playing instead of sitting around and watching others play. Whether you are a parent helping your kid try out a new sport, or a school looking for a partner to improve their students’ ability in volleyball and win championships, we are here to serve you. We promise the best activities for kids, so get your child enrolled right away!

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For further details about our training programs or to join our academy, please feel free to connect with us at 800-VOLLEY or +971 526445778​ right now.

You can also email us at or fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.