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Beach Volleyball for adult players in Dubai

Volleyball for Adults in Dubai

Join the coolest sport community in Dubai!


Whether you are an advanced player willing to keep up with your passion or an amateur taking your first steps, it is never too late to enjoy Volleyball and Beach Volleyball!

Come alone to meet new friends or join with your buddies, we will take care of the rest.

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Scroll down and discover the options available for cool people that want to stay fit, have fun and meet likeminded friends.
You will also get the chance to join league and international camps in collaboration with some of the most experienced professionals of the sector, coming from all over the world to pass down their knowledge, like coach Marco Solustri and Beach Volleyball Around the World.



Improve your skills with an approach tailored on your level


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International Training Camps

To learn from International coaches in Dubai or abroad.

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Tournaments and leagues

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Play and meet new friends, under the guidance of a coach

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Combine fitness exercises and beach volleyball 

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esperia volley academy trainings

Location: Kite beach

Fee: 50 AED /session 

Terms: the fee applies to a 1 hour session that you can take every day from 7 AM to 11 AM



Join anytime and stay as long as you like

Warm up and Cool down included

Guidance from a professional coach

Sessions starts every 60 Minutes

Sand Fit is the ultimate Fitness Program on the beach. Discover with us how to get stronger and more confident! No need to know or play volleyball, this program is for everyone interested to get/stay fit and prevent/recover from injuries.

Location: Kite beach

Fee: 30AED /session 

Terms: the fee applies to a 2 hours session of games (days, timings and bookings at this page)



2 hours

Warm up and Cool down included

Guidance from a professional coach


The coach will guide you through warm up and cool down exercises (important to prevent injuries). He will help to organize people in teams according to their level, provide tips when needed and offer guidance during the games.

adult beach volley team
Fun Volley

Looking for volleyball classes in Dubai?

Come to Esperia Volleyball Academy!

Are you an advanced volleyball player interested in joining a team? Do you want your child to start taking volleyball classes? Or do you wish to enhance your skills by acquiring professional training? Whatever your reasons behind looking for a volleyball academy, we are here to welcome you to any of the multiple training centers that we have established across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jeddah!

Your search for indoor and beach volleyball classes has come to an end!

At Esperia Volleyball Academy, we are proud to present a world-class team of international coaches who have gained immense recognition for their knowledge and experience. Our training centers are open for people of all ages and levels, as long as they wish to give their best and fly high as a volleyball player.

From families looking for a sport for their children to adults looking for a new sport or to improve their current skills, and from advanced players looking for a team to schools looking for a partner to improve their students’ ability in volleyball and win championships, we are here to cater to all sorts of requirements. Not to forget, we also plan events for companies willing to organize activities for their employees. For us, this is more than simply playing volleyball, because we use this sport to help individuals as well as corporations improve team building, leadership and communication skills.


Get connected with Esperia Volleyball Academy today!

For further details about our training programs or to join our academy, please feel free to connect with us at 800-VOLLEY or +971526922880 right now.

You can also email us at or fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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