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"Get Ready for the Cornacchia World Cup: March 29th - April 1st, 2024!"

Cornacchia World Cup is the most competitive volleyball tournament in Italy, and one of the oldest volleyball tournaments in the world where a lot of different teams from all over the world participate every single year.

It can also be seen as a tribute to youth, as all the participants are all under 19 years of age  and the idea behind it is, since 1983, to connect worldwide youths to the values of sport and family.

Our Esperia Under 18 years old teams will leave on the 28th of March in order to participate in this tournament, with the help of our head coach Melissa and coach Alessandro, they will try their best to compete with different teams from all over the world and win.

The Cornacchia World Cup will start in the evening of March 29th,2024, with an opening ceremony, where the teams will reach the main square of Pordenone crossing the medieval alleys of the town. After the parade, there will be an amazing confetti show to celebrate the start of the tournament.

The games will start the day after, and they will take place until the 1st of April where, at the end of the day, there will be the celebration of the winners.

We wish our teams and all the teams involved to have a marvelous adventure, to show their great sportsmanship, technical research and pure passion!

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our great sponsors, Kerry Project Logistics and Monviso, which have played a primary role in sponsoring us, respectively for the uniforms and the bags for the teams and coaches.

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