Please note: most of the training programs listed below can be organized for both indoor and beach  


Age 6 to 10 yo

At this age volleyball helps to improve coordination and flexibility in a safe and fun way. Compared to other sports, the contact with a ball without tools, improves body control and synchronization in time and space. Amazing after-school activity. 


Ladies only

Our Lady coach will train a group of ladies-only in a discreet environment.



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Age 13 to 18 yo

After 12 yo volleyball is great for discipline and teamwork. Coaches will focus on agility and reactivity exercises for body and mind, in order to facilitate a rapid and accurate decision process.


Private sessions

Learn or improve your skills in a private session with an experienced coach that will show you the secrets of volleyball in no time!



Above 18 you can still learn Volleyball! Or maybe you were a great player already and you want to go back to your passion. This program will allow you to enjoy Volleyball under the guide of an amazing coach.



Improve teamwork and motivate your employees in one step!



This program is the ideal destination  for our junior athletes and for any experienced volleyball athlete in Dubai that want to practice volleyball in a challenging way, being part of a proper team and competing for UAE League. 

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Sport Camps

Join our Summer / Winter / Mid-break camp and enjoy the best of volleyball with our experienced coaches.