1. I accept and aknowledge the new rules communicated by Dubai Sport Council regarding the participation in events (click to display the circular)

  2. All payments must be made with an accompanying booking form prior to participating in our activities. 

  3. If payment is not made and a valid reason provided within two weeks of the activity commencing, Esperia Volleyball Academy reserves the right to cancel the activity/booking

  4. Consent forms will be provided and must also be completed and signed. Forms can also be completed online. If the form is not signed within two weeks of the activity commencing, you will be considered as having accepted all Esperia Volleyball Academy Terms and Conditions.

  5. A receipt will be provided as confirmation of your booking.

  6. Regarding Training, all prices are based on a termly fee, single sessions are not permitted.

  7. We do not provide refunds or make-up lessons for missed sessions except in case of illness or injuries. However, if we cancel a session then a make-up lesson will be offered unless the cancellation is due to a force majeure.

  8. Esperia Volleyball Academy has a general ‘no refund’ policy. However, exceptions will be made at the desecration of the management. A medical note may be required if due to injury or illness.

  9. If joining part way through an academic term the fees will be pro-rated.

  10. Annual registration fees are payable once per customer, per year and are reduced by 50 AED if paying in term 3.

  11. Cancellation policy – Full refunds will only be issued under the following circumstances:

  • Major illness

  • Hospitalisation and rehabilitation exceeding one week

  • Relocation outside of the emirate in which the venue resides

Esperia Volleyball Academy staff may take photos or videos for training feedback or marketing purposes only, as per the activity consent form. If you would not like your child photographed please let a member of staff know.

Make-up lessons are ONLY available at the discretion of Esperia Volleyball Academy management and will be considered under the following circumstances:

  • If we cancel a lesson due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. coach illness, facility repairs, ... .

  • If we cancel a lesson due to national holidays or unexpected school closures.

  • If an absence for three consecutive lessons or more is accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Make-up lessons will not be granted for any other reason. This includes, but is not restricted to; family holidays, single absences, school exams or clashes with other activities.

Booking is required for all the activities

Walk in is not allowed

10 people per court/per coach only allowed​