Esperia Volleyball Academy is offering new programs to help people of different ages and skills to stay fit and practice volleyball at home.

  1. Online live, interactive sessions (Fitness, Athletic Preparation and Volleyball drills) - see below

  2. Free Videos below in this page and on our YouTube channel:


Need more motivation to train?

Not sure about your performances, would like real-time feedback?


Kids: Make sure your kids stay active, give them an alternative to TV and tablets, let them release muscles from long sitting positions / bad postures (happy shoulder program)

Volleyball Players / Passionate: Our live sessions will allow you to go back to the court in shape and with improved performances. 

Athletic Preparation / Fitness sessions: designed for volleyball but suitable also for other sports.

  • Bodyweight exercises with the purpose to improve strength, stamina, reaction time and flexibility

  • Prehab session to prevent injuries. 


Specific by age and skills


Direct contact with coaches

Additional off-line resources