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Volleyball For Kids

Volleyball is a fun, exciting sport, playable for a lifetime.

It helps to develop social skills and it teaches teamwork in ways few sports can. It is also a no-contact, very safe sport.

We teach volleyball with special attention for kids, please scroll down for more info.



Always In action!

During our training we maximize the time with exercises that kids can perform without waiting long time. They play in couples or individually with the ball, the wall, the net and the coaches are moving around providing feedback and support.  

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Simplified rules

In order to enjoy volleyball since day 1, we propose several types of simplification of the game so that kids can immediately appreciate their improvements.
Example of simplifications: catch the ball before passing to the teammate, allowing the ball to bounce before catching it; games 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 in a smaller court. 


Dedicated tools

Depending on the age of the kids we use for training lighter balls, with much more grip than the normal ones, smaller courts, shorter nets and tools to support spiking and passing. 



Volleyball and other sports

Compared to other sports, the contact with a ball without tools, improves body control and synchronization in time and space which is really important for young athletes.