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Whether you are new to volleyball or ready to compete, our volleyball sessions offer multiple levels for all players. Our experienced coaches will focus on the fundamentals of volleyball within a safe and fun environment for learning. Sessions will include instructions on the basics of volleyball and games situation, in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Our Volleyball classes main features:
  1. COACHES: A professional and experienced staff


    1. Attention to details to teach / improve main skills 

    2. Quick evolution from basics skills to team / game situations 

    3. Simplified rules for young athletes to enjoy the game immediately

    4. Volleyball is learned by doing, this means quick explanations, less waiting queue and more action

  3. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Teamwork, leadership and communication skills through Volleyball

  4. TOURNAMENT: our innovative approach allows participants to spike and play proper games in no time


Smaller courts, less people and lower nets make learning the game easier and more fun by allowing players more opportunities to touch the ball, a key factor in developing their core skills, understanding how the game is played and promoting social growth through sport.

Classes for Young Athletes / Beginners.

The goal is to enable all the players, including young athletes and beginners to enjoy the game immediately. Participants will learn and perform since day one the most spectacular and satisfying movement in volleyball: the spike. According to the age and the level, our staff will provide:

  • New exciting tools

  • Standard volleyball tools with modified features: smaller courts, lighter balls and lower nets

References and Interesting facts: Esperia Volleyball approach is inspired by the S3 system created in Italy and by The American Development Model created in the US. 

Classes for Athletes / Intermediate and Advanced.

For participants with Intermediate and Advanced level, the goal is to support them in improving their skills. Our experienced coaches will start from an evaluation of the current participants skills and will adjust the program in order to give everybody the chance to improve their game. Attention to details is crucial to bring the execution of the fundamental movements to the next level. Specific focus will be provided to drills simulating game situations and team dynamics.

During the training the coaches will also use:

  • Specific tools/drills to correct wrong posture/execution

  • Video demonstration to show real game actions from around the world